A down converter that takes input in the high 10 GHz area and convertes it to an IF frequency of about 375 MHz. Some units also contain a second small section that converts the 375 MHz IF to a 70 MHz IF. This connection is made with a small SMA external jumper cable.

The main limitation to using this unit on a different input frequency is an internal filter between the input preamp and the down mixer. To change input frequency, this filter must be retuned or bypassed.

I converted one of the 110384 10 GHz DMC down converter
modules for use on 10368 MHz.  These units are not super, 
with a NF in the 2-3 dB range, but this was the basis of my
first 10 GHz radio.  See the notes about my radio elsewhere on
the site for details.

The conversion of the downconverter to the ham bands mainly
requires retuning the hairpin filter to a bandpass that will
allow 10368.  See the descriptions in the up converter section.
The process described there is the same as is needed for this unit.

The converter has a PIN attenuator input. If this is left 
unconnected the gain will be max.  If it is desired to use this,
I found the following relationship:

Voltage      Atten dB
  +.2           0
  +.595         3
  +.78         10

Above information as a text file. -- 10dnNotes.txt